Business For Sale in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We are often asked, “How can I fund my life in Nicaragua?”

If you are not independently wealthy or ready for retirement a move to a third world country takes some ingenuity. Realistically speaking very few people would legally qualify to be able to work here. Even if you were not worried about taking a job away from a local the pay scale would not be encouraging. Local businesses pay $10 USD per day, which isn’t enough for most foreigners to even feed themselves let alone pay rent.

The most reasonable answer is to open or buy a business.

Opening a business in a country, climate and society you are not well versed in can be a challenge. It can also prove to be an expensive lesson. Without feet on the ground — finding a successful business for sale is difficult — as they are almost never advertised.

We have an opportunity that could be the answer.

Fight Club Gym business for sale

– Cross Fit fanatics hamming it up on a Monday morning.

Today we have a business that was struggling to stay open one year ago. Two new owners took over this fitness center and with very little investment and turned the business around.

Aside from the gym membership growing month over month, new revenue streams have been created. The original space is now sublet to four businesses that contribute to the profit. A Crossfit Club, an MMA Club, Boxing events promoter and a Motorcycle Rental company all share the space and cross promote the group of businesses.

One of the owners is looking forward to moving on to the next challenge. She owns 80% of the business and is offering her portion for less than 30K USD including all assets.  The second partner is involved in two of the contributing businesses and is fully invested in the growth of this business.

This is a great opportunity especially for someone new to the community.

  1. Buy a business with a low entry barrier;
  2. Proven successful business model;
  3. Your revenue is diversified with other contributing businesses on site;
  4. 80% ownership means that in the end you call the shots;
  5. You have a partner with 5 years living in San Juan del Sur that owns successful businesses.

You can email us at for more detailed information. We can also put you in direct contact with the seller.

If owning a gym doesn’t appeal to you we often hear of other businesses for sale on the “down low”. If you are in the market send us an email and we can see what is available.

YOU ASKED, WE ANSWERED: Can I fly into Nicaragua on a one-way ticket?

one-way ticket

There are many countries around the world that you may not be allowed to enter as a tourist without proof of onward travel. Nicaragua is one of them.

Simply put, if you have a one-way ticket and no proof of future plans to leave the country within 90 days – either by bus, train or airplane – the agent at the airport you’re departing from can deny you from boarding your flight.

We’ve been traveling in and out of Nicaragua on one way tickets for five years. There have been times when we’ve been asked to show proof of onward travel when checking in for flights and times when we have not.

Personally we would not travel without it.

Although most fall under the category of “grey area methods” there are in fact a few different options available when it comes to providing proof of onward travel.


Creating a fake itinerary has been known to work for many, especially at land border crossings. If you’re the least bit computer savvy creating a fake itinerary is an easy enough thing to do. We don’t endorse this method, but if it’s the option you’re going with and you need some help check out this post by Andrew and Emily of Along Dusty Roads.


Another option for providing proof of onward travel is to purchase a fully refundable flight and then cancel it. This method can be a bit risky; it’s important to read the fine print regarding the ticket refund process very carefully. If you don’t remember to cancel the flight or can’t get online to do so within the 24 hour period you could end up losing the money you paid for that very expensive ticket.


Purchasing a $29 open ended bus ticket through Tica Bus is a great option…except for one slight problem. Ticabus doesn’t sell tickets online.  But if you happen to have a friend or family member visiting or living in a place where Ticabus tickets are sold you’re in luck. You can have them purchase a ticket on your behalf and then send you a photo or scanned copy of the ticket. You can purchase a ticket online through Safe Passage, but one downside is you’ll have to pay a hefty service fee.


Showing up at the airport with a one-way ticket is another way to go. But as mentioned above you can be denied boarding if you aren’t able to provide proof of onward travel. Although there are instances where travellers have been not asked to show proof of onward travel, us included, we do not recommend “winging it”. 


“Renting” a ticket for a small fee with a company like Fly Onward is currently our go to method for showing proof of onward travel. Fly Onward’s ticket service is provided by an air travel agency who is legally allowed to purchase refundable tickets on behalf of their customers and then cancel them after a maximum period of 48 hours. In our opinion renting a ticket is the safest and easiest bet. The cost is approximately $10 USD. 

As can be seen the answer to the question, “Can I fly into Nicaragua on a way one ticket?” is “yes” as long as you have some sort of proof of onward travel.

Bien viaje!


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