Home Finder & Relocation Services: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

House Finding & Relocation Services: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- The Bay of San Juan as seen from the Christ of Mercy statue

In Nica Now is now available to help you find your perfect rental home and get you settled in San Juan del Sur!

With more and more people discovering Nicaragua long term affordable rentals are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

The best deals are rarely advertised online and in our experience are almost always found through word of mouth or by pounding the pavement.

With feet on the ground and multiple contacts we are able to search for property on your behalf — before you even get to town — according to your specified criteria saving you a lot of stress, time and money.


We’ll start by sending you a detailed questionnaire which will help us understand your housing and relocation needs.

Skype Meeting
Upon receipt and review of your completed questionnaire we will schedule a Skype call at your earliest convenience. We’ll have a chat and provide initial feedback on your wants and needs versus the current status of the rental market.

Property Search
Now it’s time for real work to begin. We’ll make some phone calls, scour the classifieds, reach out to friends and acquaintances and most importantly start pounding the pavement. We’ll view as many properties as we can — making detailed notes and taking photos at each visit.

As we find rentals that meet your criteria we will send you email updates with photos and descriptions. You’ll always get our honest and objective feedback – we’ll give the good, the bad and the ugly.

Once we’ve agreed on a home that meets your needs we’ll work with the homeowner to negotiate your lease and best possible rental rates. We can also facilitate payment of the first month’s rent and security deposit on your behalf.

Settling In
Upon your arrival in San Juan del Sur we’ll provide a half day orientation. We’ll show you where to buy fresh fish, where to pick up speciality items like peanut butter, sesame oil and cheddar cheese. We’ll introduce you to our favorite vendors at the local market. We’ll show you where to go to pay your electricity bill and where to fill your prescriptions. We’ll also point out our favorite hangouts, where we’ll likely run into a few of our friends.


The fee for this service is $250 USD. Initial PayPal payment of $100 USD is paid upfront with the remaining balance of $150 USD to be paid only if we find you a suitable rental.

For more information or to get us started on your search email us at innicanow@gmail.com.

All About Nicaragua: Blogs, Websites & Forums and Facebook Pages

Information on Nicaragua

When we started researching our move to Nicaragua over 5 years ago there wasn’t a whole lot of information available online.

As you can see — based on the lengthy list of blogs, websites and Facebook pages below — times have changed! Although we’re partial to In Nica Now we thought you may appreciate this list of additional resources on Nicaragua.

BLOGS Expat Blog

Abroad Perspective
Crazy Parents in Nicaragua
An Expat Life in Nicaragua
From Suits to Sandals
Mom’s the Word
Nicaragua Guide – The Nica Sagas
Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua
The 1 Less Traveled By

Note: Despite the fact that a couple of the blogs in this list haven’t been updated with new content in awhile they still contain some great information and insight on Nicaragua and are definitely worth checking out.


Worthy Websites
Del Sur News
Go to Nicaragua
Inside SJDS
International Living
Isla Ometepe Travel Guide
Motmot Magazine
San Juan Live
Nicaragua Community
The Nicaragua Dispatch
The Right Side Guide


4 Rent in San Juan Del Sur

All About Nicaragua
Contemporary Artists Network Nicaragua (CANN)
Expat Guide to Nicaragua
Expats in Leon, Nicaragua
Expats in Matagalpa, Esteli & Jinotega
Expats in Nicaragua
Expats in San Juan del Sur
Expats of Granada
Farmers Market San Juan del Sur
From the Hammock in Nicaragua
Granada bloggers, geeks and online entrepreneurs (Nicaragua)
NICA Rides
Nicaragua Buy Sell Trade
San Juan del Sur Buy Sell Trade
San Juan del Sur Crime Watch
Trabajar en SJDS

Do you have a favorite blog, website or Facebook page all about Nicaragua that isn’t on our list? Send us an email and we’ll add it to the list.

Restaurant Review: G & G Gourmet – Casual Fine Dining in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

If you’re looking for casual fine dining in San Juan del Sur G & G Gourmet is the place for you!

Since G & G Gourmet opened a couple of months ago Gordon and I have been anxious to see what this “closed door” restaurant was all about.

Closed door literally translates to just that — during dinner service at G & G the door is closed — walk-ins are not accepted. One day advance notice is required to make a reservation. The menu of 5 courses is set and changes each month. 

With my parents in town visiting we had our excuse to go out for a special dinner. 

Host, and co-owner Gaby greeted us at the door with a warm genuine smile and escorted us to our table. 

A few minutes after we were seated Gaby returned with a delightfully refreshing welcome drink of tangerine juice, fresh mint and soda.

Casual Fine Dining: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- My parents & welcome drinks: G & G Gourmet, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The aroma that wafted from the open kitchen awakened our senses and reminded us how hungry we were.

As we contemplated our wine selections for the evening Gaby approached our table with a surprise course.

The perfectly cooked jumbo shrimp on mashed potatoes drizzled with passionfruit got two thumbs up all around. The tartness of the passion fruit provided a welcome balance to this ultra rich buttery dish.

Casual Fine Dining: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- Jumbo shrimp, mashed potatoes & passion fruit: G & G Gourmet, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

With the appetizer being beef carpaccio, a food I’m not totally comfortable with, naturally I hesitated. But with just a little coaxing from Gordon I dug in and surprisingly it ended up being my favorite course.

The sour of the lemon and capers contrasted perfectly with the sharp parmesan and bitter arugula. The rich tender beef drizzled with olive oil was the consummate counterpoint to the crunchy toast.

Casual Fine Dining: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- Beef carpaccio with arugula, lemon, parmesan & capers: G & G Gourmet, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

My dad is an avid fisherman and understands the care required to cook a delicate white fish, so our next course of leaf fish accompanied with broccoli puree was a stand out for him. Steamed just past opacity this fresh caught white fish was super moist; prepared to perfection.

After a brief pause and a palate cleanser of lime mint sorbet we moved onto the main course of tenderloin and risotto. The steak was tender and juicy, the risotto rich and creamy. 

Casual Fine Dining: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- Beef tenderloin & risotto: G & G Gourmet, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

My Mom has a major sweet tooth. In fact she’s been known to pick what she’s going to have for dessert before choosing an entree. Had I captured a photo that showed the look on her face as she lifted her spoon to her lips and tasted the first bite of dessert a description of our final course would hardly be necessary. 

Fresh out of the oven chocolate lava cake paired with vanilla ice cream and a compote of berries was the perfect finish to our meal. And although I was nearing my limit for food intake there was absolutely no way I was going to let a single bite of this heavenly dessert go to waste. 

I won’t lie. At a price of $25 USD per person for dinner in San Juan del Sur walking in the door we had high expectations. G & G Gourmet surpassed our lofty presumptions.

The speed at which the five courses were served was perfectly paced. Each dish was beautifully and modernly presented.

In addition to the wonderful food — the lighting, simple decor and instrumental background music — combined with Gaby’s attentive, professional, warm and friendly service made for very a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable dining experience.

G & G Gourmet is a welcome addition to the San Juan del Sur restaurant scene. We can’t wait to see what delicious dishes Gaby and Gaby will be serving next month!

(505) 7789 – 7460

25 meters South of the central market
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


24-hour advance notice is required for reservations. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 7  – 10 pm. Don’t miss All You Can Eat Pasta Night every Thursday. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Gordon and I did not receive compensation in exchange for this review.

A Better Life for Half the Price

Considering a move to Nicaragua? Interested in a life abroad? We highly recommend A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel. 

Gordon was just one of 50+ expats who were interviewed for this 300 page e-book that tells you how to prosper on less money in some of the cheapest places in the world to live.

A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel

- A robust guide & great resource that retails for just $22.95 USD

A Better Life for Half the Price covers 18 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America (including Nicaragua). Each chapter begins with a list of the most popular cities and towns in the subject country. Information is broken down into sections outlining the current costs of housing, health care, food and drink, transportation, entertainment and more.

Download your copy today and be one step closer to making your dream of living abroad a reality by clicking here!

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a percentage of the sale price if you make a purchase using the link we’ve provided.

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