Sending & Receiving Mail in Nicaragua

Sending Mail to Canada from Nicaragua

Although there are ton of stamps on this package truth be told it cost me just under $2.50 USD to mail it to my sister in Calgary, AB, Canada. It was a shoebox & weighed around 1 lb.

The process of securing a post office box in San Juan del Sur was super quick and easy.

With a photocopy of my passport in hand I made my way to our local post office.

After completing a simple form I handed over the copy of my passport and C$240 ($8.99 USD) and that was it — Gordon and I were officially able to receive mail in Nicaragua.

Our new address is PO Box 203, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. That’s it, that’s all — no postal code required.

In Nica Now Address Card

- With no postal code our new address is pretty simple and easy to remember!

Postage in Nicaragua — like many other goods and services here — is inexpensive.

It costs just 37 cents to send a regular sized letter or postcard to North America and 52 cents for regular letter postage to Europe. And if you’re mailing a letter in country the cost is just 15 cents!

Other than sending the odd postcard or small package or two back to Canada our experience with the Nicaraguan Postal Service (Correos de Nicaragua) has been limited. 

So who wants to be the first to send us a postcard?

6 Typical Nicaraguan Dishes We Can’t Get Enough Of


This traditional Nicaraguan dish consists of a cabbage salad known as curtido (chopped cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and chili pepper marinated in vinegar and salt), boiled yucca, and chicharrones (fried pork with skin or with meat) wrapped in banana leaf. This dish is often eaten without silverware. At C$40 ($1.48 USD) vigorón makes for a tasty, filling and affordable lunch.


- Vigorón: Baseball Stadium, Rivas, Nicaragua


An appetizer that you’ll find on the menu at almost every Nicaraguan restaurant is Tostones con Queso. This simple snack of fried plantains topped with a cube of deep fried cheese is often served with chilero (a mixture of pickled onions, carrots and hot peppers). This dish is enjoyed by Nicaraguans, tourists and travellers alike.

5 Nicaraguan Foods We Can't Get Enough Of

- Tostones con Queso: O’Shea’s, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


For Gordon Nicaraguan salsa de jalapeño is like Frank’s® RedHot®. He could “Put that s^#t on everything”. But his favorite way to have it?  On chicken!  Sautéed jalapeño and onions are combined with sour cream and a little bit of milk to make this tasty sauce which is typically served on chicken, but is equally as good on steak or fish.

6 Typical Nicaraguan Dishes We Can't Get Enough Of

- Jalapeño Chicken: Comedor Las Flores (formerly Comedor Margarita), San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Ceviche spooned onto crackers with a dash of chile is one of my favorite Nicaraguan appetizers. It’s a nice light tasty snack that is great for sharing. If you enjoy fish (cooked or raw) and have yet to sample ceviche I highly recommend you give it a try.

Fish Ceviche: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- Ceviche de Pescado: Restaurante y Bar Vivian’s, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Barbecued chicken with thinly sliced fried green plantains (tajadas), gallo pinto and cabbage salad (curtido) is a staple at most every Nicaraguan fritanga and happens to be another favorite typical dish of ours. We enjoyed this particular version of Tajadas de Pollo at Chiverias which is located in San Juan del Sur on the corner near Zen Yoga and the church square

5 Nicaraguan Foods We Can't Get Enough Of

- Tajadas de Pollo: Chiverias, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Prior to moving to Nicaragua I can’t ever recall a time when I ate whole fried fish, but now it’s my absolute favorite way to have it. This dish is almost always served with salad, rice and tostoñes and a garlic or tomato salsa. At C$180 ($6.74 USD) for fresh fish and three sides it doesn’t get much better than this. 

Pargo Rojo Entero: Gaby's Restaurant, Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- Pargo Rojo Entero: Gaby’s Restaurant, Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

What is your favorite traditional Nicaraguan dish?

How much to do things cost in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua?

Cost of Living 2015: SJDS, Nicaragua

Home Finder & Relocation Services: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

House Finding & Relocation Services: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- The Bay of San Juan as seen from the Christ of Mercy statue

In Nica Now is now available to help you find your perfect rental home and get you settled in San Juan del Sur!

With more and more people discovering Nicaragua long term affordable rentals are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

The best deals are rarely advertised online and in our experience are almost always found through word of mouth or by pounding the pavement.

With feet on the ground and multiple contacts we are able to search for property on your behalf — before you even get to town — according to your specified criteria saving you a lot of stress, time and money.


We’ll start by sending you a detailed questionnaire which will help us understand your housing and relocation needs.

Skype Meeting
Upon receipt and review of your completed questionnaire we will schedule a Skype call at your earliest convenience. We’ll have a chat and provide initial feedback on your wants and needs versus the current status of the rental market.

Property Search
Now it’s time for real work to begin. We’ll make some phone calls, scour the classifieds, reach out to friends and acquaintances and most importantly start pounding the pavement. We’ll view as many properties as we can — making detailed notes and taking photos at each visit.

As we find rentals that meet your criteria we will send you email updates with photos and descriptions. You’ll always get our honest and objective feedback – we’ll give the good, the bad and the ugly.

Once we’ve agreed on a home that meets your needs we’ll work with the homeowner to negotiate your lease and best possible rental rates. We can also facilitate payment of the first month’s rent and security deposit on your behalf.

Settling In
Upon your arrival in San Juan del Sur we’ll provide a half day orientation. We’ll show you where to buy fresh fish, where to pick up speciality items like peanut butter, sesame oil and cheddar cheese. We’ll introduce you to our favorite vendors at the local market. We’ll show you where to go to pay your electricity bill and where to fill your prescriptions. We’ll also point out our favorite hangouts, where we’ll likely run into a few of our friends.


The fee for this service is $250 USD. Initial PayPal payment of $100 USD is paid upfront with the remaining balance of $150 USD to be paid only if we find you a suitable rental.

For more information or to get us started on your search email us at


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