Sky Box: A Familiar Place

It seems as though most of our  past vacations use Houston as a jump off point and Sky Box becomes our home away from home for a few hours…anyway.

Today, as we begin our Nicaraguan adventure we find ourselves back here with our friends Nadia and Steve.

– En route to Managua, Nicaragua: Sky Box Sports Fan’s Bar & Grill, Houston Airport

Nadia was at our wedding in Costa Rica when Elisha and I first discussed this crazy adventure.  Now she’s here with her guy Steve who is taking his first trip south.  Steve tells us he doesn’t like heat or the water, so we will see if we can win him over after some time at our little beach house in Poneloya.  


We are excited and a little nervous to get to Nicaragua and get started with our adventure, but I think that’s a good sign.  

 Who wants to always live in their comfort zone anyway?  

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