Tsunami Taco Bar

After walking 3.5 km in the mid-day heat to Las Penitas and enjoying a couple of cold Tonas Gord and I had worked up an appetite and decided to grab some lunch.  We agreed that tacos would be much better than the burgers and fries everyone was ordering at Playa Roca.  We paid for our beer and sauntered across the road to Tsunami Taco Bar.

A Great Place for Lunch

Tsunami Taco Bar doesn’t have a set menu.  There are new offerings posted on the chalkboard every day.  Today we had our choice of chicken, chill con carne or vegetarian tacos.  Gord opted for the chili while I went with the chicken.


As I bit into my taco my taste buds were awakened with the sweet surprise of donair sauce. A totally unexpected, but welcomed taste! The fresh-squeezed lemonade was cold and refreshing.


For dessert we enjoyed fresh-out-of-the oven pecan banana bread smeared with butter.  It was warm, dense and delicious!

Heavenly Goodness

Fresh out of the Oven

Total price for our lunch (including drinks and dessert) rang it at 205 cord or $8.99 USD.   Based on food quality, flavour and price we give Tsunami Taco Bar 5 stars out of 5!

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  1. Mary Ellen Leeman

    Love the pictures and details! 🙂

  2. Is it really warm there?

  3. Looks like a lazy day in Poneloya. Quiet,I could iinjoy that pace for a while.

  4. Everything is relative but if you consider 30 degrees everyday as warm than I guess it is. It must get as low as 25 degrees at night. Sometimes I need to move from a tank top to a t-shirt. Brrrrrrrrr!

  5. Ohhh, I’m so jealous. While it’s warm in Calgary, it’s still winter. At least day’s are getting longer. I’m heading off to a restaurant for breakfast. It’s called the Mitzel refrigerator. Love and miss you E!

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