Help Us Name our New Feathered Friend

Apparently 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 goat wasn’t enough for us to take care of.  We are now caring for a jeuvenile white fronted amazon parrot.

Gord found our little feathered friend on the pathway that leads to the lake. He was very weak with a large crack in his beak. We kept him in a cage for the first few days, but now he is living in the garden in the main living area of the house.  He seems to have his flight feathers clipped, so it looks like he won’t be flying anywhere until his next molt – which could be as far as six months away.

We were hesitant to name him at first for fear that he wouldn’t survive, but now that he’s eating and becoming stronger each day we’d like to be able to refer to him as something other than “the bird”.  

We’ve narrowed down our choices and would love your help with choosing his name.  Please take our poll and vote for your favorite name.  Act quick – the poll closes in 24 hours! 

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  1. What name won the poll for your feathered friend? Is he still with you?

    • Hi Shelly,

      Locito came out as the winner with 12 votes. Pickles was the runner up with 9 votes.

      Ironically our little feathered friend left us the very day we closed the poll. We were in town for a bit and when returned to the lodge he was gone. We were a bit sad about his departure, but were happy that he ended up healthy and strong enough to survive in his natural habitat.


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