Photo Journalism Friday: Pig Tails

Photo Journalism Friday:  Pig Tails

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home.
Our puppy Maggie likes to play with these piggies all day long!

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  1. Do they belong to the people next door, hang out in their back yard? Is this going to be their bacon when they fatten them up? That’s definitely getting your food close to home, sort of like Randall getting his moose, deer or elk. Good stuff.

    • Hi Emeline,

      The pigs belong to our neighbors who live across the walkway from us. They usually roam in the yard with the chickens, roosters and the dog Dixie but have recently been upgraded to a pen. We are now saving our scraps for them.

      The pigs will become food for the family sometime between September and October.


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