UFC Fight Night: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

A UFC fight night out in Nicaragua is slightly different than a UFC fight night out in North America.  FREE admission and $7 bottle service (or Tona buckets) tonight at Howler Bar & Restaurant in San Juan del Sur!

UFC Fight Night:  San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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  1. We noticed several people (both male and female) at the gym in SJDS who seemed to be training for UFC type competitions.Do you know if any of the competitors tonight are locals?

    • The fight being shown (on the big screen) tonight at Howler Bar is a televised event for a world title fight at the MGM in Las Vegas.

      We have gone to see the local SJDS fighters at events in Managua at Moods and Pharaohs Casino. They are international events and the talent is definitely high caliber, but not quite UFC.

      We will post the next scheduled MMA fight in Managua once it is announced.

  2. Chris Mensaghi

    Hope you watched that on Shaw Direct 😉

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