Six Tips to Finding Affordable Long Term Rentals in Nicaragua

With more and more people relocating to Nicaragua finding a desirable and affordable long term rental isn’t always easy.

Follow these six tips and you might just find your perfect rental today!


Since most locals rent their homes by placing a small “SE ALQUILA” sign on the front of the house get out there every single day and walk the neighborhoods that you’re interested in living in.  Properties commonly rent on a month to month basis – so beware – a home that was occupied yesterday may be available today and then gone tomorrow.  Remember – you aren’t the only one pounding the pavement – the best deals come and go in the blink of an eye.


Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for rental. Talk to expats and business owners in the area. Post messages in forums and Facebook groups such as Expats of Granada, Life in San Juan del Sur. When we were looking for a long term rental in San Juan del Sur we talked to so many people there were times when random waiters at restaurants would approach us as we were walking by to tell us they had a friend or family member who had a place for rent.


Typically classified ads for long term rentals are posted by foreigners or computer savvy Nicas who expect a higher price for their properties because they know how to market. There are some good deals to be found through classified ads, but the very best opportunities are almost always found through word of mouth or pounding the pavement.

Listed below are  a couple classified sites that are worth checking out:

4 Rent in San Juan del Sur


Although most real estate agents and property managers deal almost exclusively with high priced, short term vacation rentals occasionally they do have a gem in their back pocket. On occasion they may have a few sale listings where the seller wants to rent out their home while they wait for a buyer.  Visiting local real estate agencies is definitely worthwhile, but consider this option a long shot to finding your rental.


Posting boards are commonly found in bars, restaurants, corner stores, laundry mats, hostels, etc. and are also a good place to find rentals.  It’s not uncommon for the business owner to have a home for rent, so don’t forget to enquire with the proprietor and his/her staff.


If you find yourself searching for a rental during slow season and you’re willing to sign a long term lease you may just be lucky enough to negotiate a fair price on a short term rental turning into an affordable long term option. It never hurts to ask.


Need some assistance finding an affordable long term rental? We can help! Check out our Home Finder & Relocation Services page.

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  1. One trick I learned when we were looking for a long term rental in Nicaragua, but while still living in the US, is to actually search from the Nicaraguan address instead of the regular address. If you search from it (apparently) assumes that you are in the US (or elsewhere) looking for vacation rentals, but if you search from it seems to assume that you are IN Nicaragua looking for a place to live. I found the results to be quite different and more useful for finding long term rental options.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I will be moving to Nicaragua next month. This certainly helped!

  3. Hello – Thanks for the website. Super helpful. My wife and I are looking to long term rent before moving permanently. Probably for a year at a minimum. For $1,500 per month rent could we find a place in Pacific Marlin? Thanks again for the site.

    • Hi WeaveBW,

      Most homes in the neighborhood of Pacific Marlin are high end vacation rentals. I think it would be pretty difficult to find a rental in that area of town for $1500 USD per month.

      That being said $1500 USD per month is a decent budget for a long term rental here in San Juan del Sur.

      We’ve able to find some really nice two bedroom rentals for our clients with all the amenities a vacation rental provides — modern finishings and fixtures, hot water, air conditioning, cable TV, wifi, pool, etc. — starting at $1000 USD per month, plus utilities.

      If you’d like some help with your rental search we’d be happy to work with you!

      For more information on our services just click on the link below:


      • Thanks for the response Elisha. Appreciate that. We have dogs and are looking to be close to town and close to the beach. Ideally walking distance to both. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if walking wasn’t an option though. We’re both really active and would rock out some dirt bikes too. We’d probably get a truck as well. We’re coming to town in December and will look you up if we end up needing some assistance with rentals. Thanks again for your help and for all your posts on the site! Have a great week!

  4. This was the most thorough post I have read in a while! Very helpful and educational, Gordon and Elisha!

  5. I’m a 59 year old single woman. I want to plan on moving there this year. I need so much information and help as I will not know a soul. I need to get out of the rat race of the states and live my life in a place that I can afford without having to worry and also the beauty. Ideally I would love to be close to town and close to a beach. I will be selling everything, so Lillian be looking for an apt. Long term rental from around $400.00 to $500.00 a month. Any suggestions.

    • Hi Judy,

      An mentioned in this article affordable long term rentals are rarely listed online. Especially those in the $400 – $500 per month price range. They are best found by pounding the pavement once you get here.

      If you’re planning on moving to San Juan del Sur we have a Home Finder & Relocation Service you may be interested in.

      For complete details you can click on the link below:

      Our goal is to make your move as stress free as possibly by providing support before, during and after your move. You can read some testimonials to our service here.

      Please feel free to email us at with any other specific questions you may have.


  6. My parents have been wanting to find some extended stay real estate, and I think that being able to help with that would be good. I’m glad you talked about being able to check out different real estate agencies to help them find what they are looking for. I’m going to have to see what options are available and figure out what extended stay real estate help we can find for them!

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