3 Places to Meet Expats in San Juan del Sur


The Saturday morning Farmer’s Market at Big Wave Daves is a great place to meet Sanjuaninos. From 9:30 am – 12:00 pm you’ll find expats milling about enjoying a cup of coffee, some fresh fruit juice or even a cold Tona.  

Smoked pork, organic produce, baked goods and handmade jewelery are just a few of the things that can be purchased at the market.

Whether it’s morning, noon or night you’re guaranteed to find at least a couple of expats socializing up at the bar. To stay in the loop on regular happenings at this long time expat hangout check out Big Wave Daves Facebook page.

Where Can I Meet Expats in San Juan del Sur?

– Big Wave Daves is located 25 meters East of El Timon.



Located 50 meters south of El Timon Dorado’s is a great  place on the water in San Juan to sit back with friends and enjoy some cold cervezas.

Pull up a rocking chair on the deck and people watch while listening to the sound of the surf. Stay to take in the view and watch the sunset.

Dorado’s offers live music on Wednesday and Thursday nights. And priced right – at C$60 ($2.40 USD) for two – the fish tacos are tasty. 

Bob and the rest of the staff at this popular expat hangout do an awesome job of making sure you always have a cold drink in your hand while good tunes are playing.

3 Places to Meet Expats in San Juan del Sur

– Wondering where to watch your favorite sports team play? Dorado’s is it!


“Republika Rocks“, “Great Expat Bar”, “My Favorite Bar in the Whole World”, “Expat Favorite”, “Great Drinks, Food and People” is just a sampling of what reviewers on Trip Advisor are saying about Republika Bar.

And we have to agree!  

Located 50 meters west of the central market Republika is definitely a favorite by locals.

Trivia Tuesday is always a fun night. On Wednesdays you can also try your luck at Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. And on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights football fans gather to watch their favourite teams play.

Where Can I Meet Expats in San Juan del Sur?

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  1. We are interested in possibly moving to the area. Any advice?

    • Hi Bill,

      My first bit of advice is to read our blog from front to back, beginning to end. 😉

      We have been writing about our experiences as expats since we’ve left Canada 3 1/2 years ago. Our articles cover everything from cost of living, grocery shopping, sending and receiving mail in Nicaragua, what to pack in your suitcase, etc.

      Once you’ve had some time to do some research we’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

      Second bit of advice…

      Before making the move I would strongly suggest an extended stay in Nicaragua. Spend some time here, living as you would if you were moving here. Take some time to try and figure out for yourself whether or not a life in Nicaragua is all you hoped and dreamed of.


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