Photo Journalism Friday: New Year’s Eve Effigy Burning in Nicaragua

Photo Journalism Friday: Año Viejo ("Old Year")

In Nicaragua on New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight people around the country bring effigies of old men — stuffed with firecrackers — into the street to set aflame. This tradition of burning the “año viejo” (“old year”) is symbolic of cleansing the bad from the previous 12 months before the new year commences. I spotted this particular “año viejo” perched in a rocking chair at Elizabeth’s Guest House here in San Juan del Sur.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Yes, that’s right. Just before midnight the “man” is drug out into the street, doused with gasoline and lit up. It only takes a few minutes before the man is pop, pop, popping! It makes for quite the show, especially as fireworks light up the sky around you, all at the same time.

    And yes – they are filled with straw.


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