Photo Journalism Friday: Nature’s Gatorade

Photo Journalism Friday: Nature's Gatorade

Fresh Agua de Coco (coconut water) is often sold by street vendors here in San Juan del Sur and other parts of Nicaragua. Low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas and super hydrating are just a few of the many benefits ascribed to this refreshing drink that can be purchased for just C$10 ($0.40 USD).

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  1. hello Alisha and Gord!
    i remember the COCADA drink when i lived on Isla de margarita (Venezuela) also right from the side of the road. Coco meat, coco milk/water, some sugar and ice cubes in the blender, yum. i ended up making it myself at home.
    now i am in Baja California, Mexico and i see the stands offering coco drinks,
    but will look for this Cocada drink.
    tineke (another Canuck)

  2. THanks folks… from a fellow Albertan ( Stony Plain ) Now vacationing in SJDS for next four weeks.. may see you around. Will definitely add this to my morning smoothee in lieu of the flax seed used in AB.
    All the best… p.s. where is there a butcher aside from Pali…? Thought the mercado would have one… not seen anyone selling meat there this 1st week here ?

    • Hi Mark
      There is a butcher in the mercado (south side, in the center section) and a carniceria on the main street leading into town. It’s on he opposite side of the road from Pan de Vida. Maybe we will see you around.

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