Funding Your Life and Living the Dream in Nicaragua

Our most recent International Living article features our friend and cowgirl Blue. A fellow Canadian, Blue has found a recipe for success to running a business (see Rancho Chilamate: Horseback Adventures) in Nicaragua.

To check out the article just click anywhere on the image below.

Riding a Different Kind of Wave in Nicaragua

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  1. You’re killing me! I hope to come visit you one day with my son. He loves horses (twelve years old) and I love plantains and cheese.

    As Eddie Cochran said, “Sure sounds like heaven to me”.

  2. Hey Elisha,

    Looks like your loving life. Just a question on travel, say I wanted to go there for vacation. What is the nearest airport to fly into? You should start your own little tour guid business. LOL

  3. Hello my friends,

    I am so grateful to God to have found your blog. I have had a strong heart desire to move to a latin country most of my adult life and my husband is from Nicaragua, so when I saw your blog my heart just jumped of joy. I am a Colon Hygrotherapist and have my own business here is Riverside California. I wanted to ask if you can so kindly find out what are the possibilities of me an American citizen being able to practice my profession in Nicaragua or if you can guide to where I can ask myself. I look forward to more contact with you both. The other day I said to my husband I have not had time to connect with my Canadian friends in Nicaragua. “He said, your friends? you dont even know them?” I said I know, but I already know we are going to be friends.

    • Hi Cece,

      Opening a business in Nicaragua is very easy. As for your clientele I have to say that I have no experience or expertise in your field.


  4. Earl and Dixie Musselwhite


    Love your blog and the info we get from it. We (Earl and Dixie) are selling our house in Shady Valley, TN and hoping to be moving to the LEON area in the Fall. Crossing our fingers the house is sold by then. We are in our mid 60’s and this will be our biggest adventure for sure, but looking forward to it with excitement!!!

    We hope to meet up with you when we get there. Till then we will keep up with you this way.

    Take care.

    • Hi Earl & Dixie,

      Thank you for your note and interest in In Nica Now.

      Gordon and I actually live in San Juan del Sur now, but if you happen to be in the area drop us a line. We’d love to meet up!


      PS. Good luck with the sale of your house!

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