Photo Journalism Friday: We ❤︎ Lola!

Photo Journalism Friday: Lola

– Lola is our “go-to-gal” at the central market here in San Juan del Sur. Shopping from Lola guarantees going home with fresh produce that’s fairly priced…always!

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  1. Oh, did I make a mistake! I moved to Hawaii 21 years ago! I shoulda moved to San Juan del Sur instead. BIG mistake! I could been happy!

  2. Wondering if the fruits and veggies are organic? If not, is organic available nearby?

    Thanks for the info and inspiration!


  3. Organic or not, the produce from Lola looks healthy and very tasty! Oh, how I wish I were there!

  4. We LOVE your blog! it is exactly what we need to help us make the first step towards our new life :).

    We are planning to visit Nica April 22nd – May 3rd, we want to make sure Nica will be the place to move to in 2016 when we quit our jobs and pursue our dreams!

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Arcy n Len,

      Happy to hear you’re enjoying the blog!

      Will you be visiting San Juan del Sur on this trip?


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