Let the Good Times Roll!

Let the Good Times Roll!Today In Nica Now is launching a very special initiative called, “Let the Good Times Roll!”

Has the information you’ve found on In Nica Now been helpful? Have you finally found answers to your questions? 

Say “gracias” by treating us to a couple of frosty Toñas, dinner for two or a night on the town. It’s as easy as 1 , 2, 3!  

Just click  on the “Buy Now ” button you see below…

…and we’ll show our appreciation by keeping the good times rolling and the information flowing.

Let the Good Times Roll!

Muchísimas gracias!

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  1. I would be happy to treat you to a couple of Toñas. I’m in town now perhaps we could meet later today.

  2. What amount would buy you Tonas and taco dinners?–james

    • Hey James,

      Our favorite expat bar – Republika – makes great pulled pork tacos. They are 35 cordobas each, as are the Toña. We usually have two of each for a total of 280 cords (or just under $12 USD).

      That’s a pretty good night out in our book!


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