What I Ate Today: Tajada de Pollo (Chicken with Fried Green Plantains)

What I Ate Today: Tajada de Pollo

For supper this evening we enjoyed a typical Nicaraguan dish called Tajada de Pollo–barbecue chicken, gallo pinto, fried green plaintains and cabbage salad–all for the very low price of C$85 (approximately $3.30 USD).  If you’re in town and want to sample this exact dish just make your way to the little pink pulperia on the corner near Zen Yoga and Mauricio’s San Juan Pizzeria. I dare say the famous chicken lady of San Juan del Sur has some competition.

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  1. Am I seeing things right? It looks like you said $85 Canadian…..?? Now, I’m thinking to myself, damn expensive meal….lol.

    • No, you are not seeing things right. 😉

      The currency code for Cordobas is NIO, and the currency symbol is C$.

      The meal shown in the photo costs us 85 cordobas, not 85 Canadian dollars (CAD), which is just over 3 American dollars (USD).


  2. I really need to find a good flight price back down there soon!

    • In anticipation of my annual trip to Canada I’ve been watching the flights. Currently they are more expensive than usual out of Managua. From what I’ve seen prices are better out of Liberia, Costa Rica. For me I think that might be the best way to go.


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