“In Nica Now…where have you been?”

It’s been a super busy month for us here in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua! Too busy to even blog about it.

Our good friends Caroline and Adrien decided to buy a bar. Their decision to buy this bar was made in 48 hours — just two days before they were leaving for Belgium to spend time with family and friends. Adrien and Caroline asked for our help, and as good friends do we jumped right in.

In addition to managing Bar Republika, we’ve also moved. Stay tune for details about our new home (as well as some exciting news for In Nica Now) in our next blog post. 

After 21 days of bartending, waiting tables, stocking the bar, prepping food and cooking Gordon and I were both ready for a break.

We finished our shift on Saturday afternoon and arrived home just before sunset. With a bottle of red wine in our back pack and our little Schnauzer Maggie by our side we strolled down to the beach.

We sipped on our wine, played fetch with Maggie and admired a magnificent sunset and were reminded why we love life in Nicaragua. 

"In Nica Now...where have you been?"

– The prettiest sunset we’ve seen in a long time!

As the last of the light left us we packed up our belongings and wandered up the road to a local restaurant.  Country western classics belted out from the stereo speakers as we sipped $1 beers and chatted with the owners Jose and Maria.  We dined on delicious whole fried fish dinners and reminisced about our very first month in Poneloya, Nicaragua, the place where our expat adventure began just over two and a half years ago.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

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  1. You two are the best. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you both next! Miss you guys tons. -Q&JB

  2. Wow, you two have been busy!! I am boarding my flight to Nica this evening and am currently packing (I know a little behind). Anyway, I decided to bring my two cats since I can’t find them a suitable home here.

    I have a Nica friend here in the States (San Diego) and all of his family are there. They will be receiving me at the airport. A sister works at the import/export shop called Amtrak right at the airport. One brother drives a taxi and will pick me up and bring me to Granada where I will get some rest from tonight’s jet-lag. After a few days I will probably make my way down to San Juan Del Sur.

    I am actually thinking about buying some cows and having them graze on my friend’s brother’s ranch. I am also thinking about buying some pigs and starting a farm on my friend’s mother’s ranch that is currently just sitting idle with nothing on it!

    Apparently there IS opportunity up the ying yang, eh ??!! And I cant wait …..nos vemos pronto!!

    • Safe travels Dirk!

      Look us up when you get to San Juan and we can get together for a cold cerveza.

      Elisha & Gordon

  3. Really enjoyed the article, once again!

  4. Rosemary Rice

    So nice to read about your adventures. Glad you guys are still enjoying it there and you have Maggie. 🙂 Gord we still miss you tons. 😉

  5. I just so happened to video this same sunset. It was the best one we witnessed during our 9 days in SJDS. I will be making a decision soon on my relocating timing to SJDS. I’ve followed you guys on your blog for a while now. Keep up the good work.

  6. Glad to here Republika is in good hands. I remember watching the Super Bowl there years ago and right at the end, power outage. Great times!

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