What I Ate Today: Jalapeño Chicken

What I Ate Today: Jalapeño Chicken

Comedor Margarita is one of my favorite lunch spots in San Juan del Sur. Nine times out of ten I order the jalapeño chicken. Comedor Margarita isn’t listed in the Lonely Planet or Frommer’s guide books, but it should be! The food is consistently good and service always comes with a smile. Best of all this beautiful plate of food rings in at just C$80 ($3.20 USD).

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  1. Is it safe to eat salads, vegetables, etc. in Nicaragua? I lived with a Mexican family years ago and ended up spending 2 months in the hospital there with a huge amoebic abscess of the liver! From the food and water. And I thought I was being careful. If you live in Nicaragua, do you get yourself tested regularly for parasites?

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, it is safe to eat salads and vegetables in Nicaragua.

      In the 2.5 years that Gordon and I have lived in Nicaragua we have only had a couple of minor tummy upsets. No different than we would have had if we were still living in Canada.

      We have never tested for parasites.


  2. I live in Clemson, SC but am currently in San Jorge Nicaragua (45 minutes from San Juan del Sur). I have eaten salads from restaurants and bought and prepared salads at home with no ill effects.

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