A Day Trip to Playa El Ostional

One of the perks of semi-retirment is the freedom to come and go as we please. 

It was Monday. The maid was coming to do her once weekly clean and I wanted to get out of the house. So after a wee bit of discussion Gordon and I agreed to take a little trip…on the motorcycle…with our Miniature Schnauzer Maggie.

We packed a bag, donned our helmets, scooped up Maggie and headed south on our 125 cc Yahama.

After driving an hour over a very rough and bumpy road…right about the time when I felt like my butt couldn’t take one minute more…we finally arrived at our chosen destination – Playa El Ostional.

Day Trip to El Ostional

– El Ostional Beach, Nicaragua

Day Trip to El Ostional

– Slightly remote, very tranquil and so pretty

As I stood ankle deep in the warm water, admiring the view across the ocean to Costa Rica the horrible pain in my butt became a distant memory.

Day Trip to El Ostional

– We had the entire beach all to ourselves

One Toña for Gordon, two for me and a romp on the beach for Maggie and we were ready for some lunch.  We could have easily spent the day on the beach, but the sun was hot and our stomachs were growling. We were ready for some shade and something to eat. 

Ostional Beach


– “Throw it, Dad! Throw it!”

A Day Trip to El Ostional

Comedor Blanca Rosa turned out to be a great choice for lunch. We feasted on a pargo rojo entero (whole red snapper). The fish was light and flaky, cooked to perfection. The 15 cordobas ($0.60 USD) Victoria Clasica’s we washed it down with complimented the meal very well. 

A Day Trip to El Ostional

– Comedor Blanca Rosa: El Ostional, Nicaragua

Day Trip to El Ostional

– Lunch for Two: A huge red snapper, rice, tostones and cabbage salad rang it at just C$250 ($9.62 USD)

Although El Ostional is only 27 kilometres south of San Juan del Sur it is a place we’ve never been to.  No matter how near or far we travel it always feels great to get away and explore someplace new.

If you’re in the San Juan del Sur area and want to get off the beaten path, away from the tourist scene, a trip to Playa El Ostional is definitely worth the the bumpy ride. 

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  1. Wish I was there. I will check the playa out this winter. Enjoying the stories. Keep up the good work. RICHARD

  2. looks great–thanks again for the price info–james

  3. The photo of the fish has me salivating–I love red snapper! Looks like a lovely outing!

  4. As you recall Las Colinias in Granada had fresh fish like that. There is nothing better than a fish that is slightly flopping around on your plate.

  5. Great photos. Getting out and seeing new places is the best!

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