A Beautiful Bunch of Produce

Here in Nicaragua a large percentage of our groceries are purchased at the end of our driveway from the fruit and vegetable truck that stops by twice per week.

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Today we picked out a watermelon, a pineapple, a cantaloupe, a cucumber, 3 tomatoes, 3 green peppers, 8 bananas and 12 oranges.

Instead of us just telling you how much this beautiful bunch of produce cost we thought it would be fun for you to GUESS how much it cost!

We’d also love to know what you’d pay for the exact same bunch of items at your local grocery store or market. 

Leave your comments in the section below.

The blog follower with the winning guess (or closest to) wins bragging rights!

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  1. I know you can get a dozen of the most amazing oranges for a 15 cents…so I am going to venture…$2.00 or under 🙂

    • Hi Beth,

      We would love to know where we can purchase a dozen oranges for 15 cents! Did you by chance mean 15 cordobas?

      Oranges are currently in season and we are paying C$20 per dozen, which is approximately $0.77 USD.

      Elisha & Gordon

      • Yes Yes Yes it was 15 cords. My husband bought them at a little market in Managua…wonderful balls of sunshine goodness! So I am going to up my estimate to under $5.00 like maybe $4.37? We will be relocating to Poneloya…have land now need to build! 🙂

  2. I am going to guess 400 cords!
    at home….. about $10-$13 at least

  3. I’m guessing from Ecuador about $4.25

  4. 140 cordobas or $6.50 usd

  5. Because I know its a lot cheaper to live
    There, my guess is you paid $5.00

  6. 4.50 US dollars. And way too much in Calgary.

  7. My guess is $10.00 for all the fruits & veggies!

  8. I would guess I would pay $30 here in the Seattle area. You paid how much?

    • I’m sorry to see that you, too, are being fleeced. I live in NYC and was thinking it might cost me US$25, but perhaps I was under estimating it a bit.

  9. Hi, I think I’d have to pay something like US$25 for this amount of food. It’s unreal to me that I have to pay so much for food these days. I’m wondering if this produce is grown using chemicals or is it pretty much organically grown?

  10. OK- at this time of year in BC- for all that- I’d need to take out a second mortgage on my house! You- I’d guess you paid the equivalent of $5 US

  11. I’m gonna guess it costs about $5. This would cost me about $25 in my area of the U.S. at the very least. Moving to San Juan in February and looking forward to meeting you both, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and find the info incredibly useful!!! Cheers!

  12. I will guess $6.00. -Mark Terry

  13. pilgrimandpatriot@hotmail.com

    I’m thinking it would cost closer to $16 in Arkansas, so maybe $6 in SJDS. Often, when I am indulging in chocolate, I think about how much healthier I would be eating right
    in Nica!

  14. I would say, the total cost is $5.25

  15. Going with $3.50 US

  16. mostlytruestory@hotmail.com

    $2.37. I love your site. I’m trying to convince my brother and my mom to go in on one of the homes you posted for sale but I don’t think their quite “there” yet. I am hoping to come for a visit some time in the next two years. Would you be up for giving me a little tour of the area? My son is twelve, so I think he will be ripe for this kind of adventure in the coming years. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  17. And the actual retail price is…

    … 120 cordobas, which is equal to approximately $4.62 USD.

    Congratulations to Nathan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada for coming the closest. You win bragging rights!


    PS. Special thanks to everyone who participated in our little game of “The Price is Right”!

  18. I have you Elisha and Gord to thank for the win, since they showed me local markets and prices while I was visiting.

  19. Hi, In Poland we would pay about 30 zlotych, it is 9$ 😀

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