What I Ate Today: The Dragon

What I Ate Today:

  El Dragon is a speciality dish that is served at Hotel Summer, in Masachapa. This masterpiece of lightly battered and fried red snapper (served with rice, salad and shrimp in garlic sauce) will set you back C$520 ($19.70 USD).

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  1. I hope it was unbelievable for that price because for that same plate in poneloya I can get two plates for that price of the whole fish and same sides.

    • Hi Gaby,

      Our friend Edward was the one who ordered this dish. He said it was delicious.

      I remember very well how amazing (for both quality and price) the fried fish in Poneloya was.


  2. look great–did it include tona? -duncan

  3. It looks delicious, but almost US$20 seems a bit steep for Nicaragua.

    • Hi Ellen,

      I agree, the price does seem a bit steep for Nicaragua, however we were at a very nice touristy beach restaurant in Masachapa. Here in Playa Marsella we are able to get a large whole fried fish with sides (no shrimp) for C$250 ($9.47 USD). I will say the presentation of the C$250 plate of food isn’t quite like the one shown in the photo, nor is the ambience at the restaurant here quite as nice as the one on the beach in Masachapa.


  4. Hi Folks! This is my first comment on your blog. I have been enjoying reading about your life and adventures in Nicaragua, and hope to join you there soon! I have been to Hotel Summer, and enjoyed some of the best ceviche ever. It is a bit touristy, with prices to match (though still cheap by US standards), but enjoying good food and an ice cold cerveza as the sun sets and the fisherman haul their colorful boats in and out is priceless. I have spent a week in the area the past two years helping to build homes for low income families with Habitat for Humanity in nearby San Cayetano. We have fallen in love with Nicaragua, and are planning an early semi retirement there soon. Your posts have been immensely helpful in our planning and thinking. Thank you!

    All the best, Mark

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