How much to do things cost in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua?

Cost of Living 2015: SJDS, Nicaragua


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  1. thanks for info–will be there in april 16 to 30 -all over nica–thanks james—–why is coffee 1.52—seems high/

    • Hi James,

      The coffee price I quoted was from a popular spot in San Juan del Sur called El Gato Negro. It’s quality coffee…and unlimited. I think you’ll find if you go to an actual cafe that specializes in coffee $1.50 USD is an accurate price.


      • I would like to comment on James’ comment that $1.52 seems too high for coffee. A few weeks ago I stopped by a café for a cup of coffee. I usually brew my own, but it was freezing here in Brooklyn, NY and I had just walked a long way through ice and snow (yes, one reason I’m following this blog.) I ordered a cup of coffee and was asked which one I wanted. I asked if they had any Nicaraguan coffees and they didn’t. I chose what I thought was a nice Guatemalan coffee. When I paid I was shocked to see it cost $4.90 and because the “barista” brewed it, I gave her a tip of $1.00. The coffee was fine, not as good as my home brewed, but $4.90 for a cup of coffee? What’s the world coming to? I’ve since been told this is about average for Brooklyn coffee cafes and probably Manhattan’s as well.

  2. I love your detailed concrete information. wondering if you can share tips for folks who are looking at relocating about residency, taxes, etc…

    • Hi Nancy,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any experience with obtaining residency. We have been living in Nicaragua for 3 1/2 years on 90 day tourist visas and so far so good!


      • Gordon/Elisha,

        Anybody interested in visas can easily call the nearest Nicaraguan consulate; they are very helpful and provide all the info one needs.

  3. Really good post. I am going to share it with all my guests and especially those that I think are going to book for next month. I will be touch with you as you may be able to help them out with a place to stay. They are going to be in Granada for probably two weeks then a week in SJdS. I will keep you posted.

    • Thanks Glenn.

      We’d be happy to help your guests find suitable accommodations based on their wants and needs, as well as provide some recommendations on some fun activities and great places in San Juan to eat, drink and be entertained.


  4. Looking forward to meeting you both, My sister and I will be there at the end of May. I am researching what I need to do to practice my profession in San Juan Del Sur. I am a certified colon therapist. See you soon.

  5. I will be in Granada in a few days. Ive been all over your site. Thanks so much for all the great info!

  6. Hi guys! Thanks for keeping the blog very lively! I have some questions; some of the questions are in the taboo area. So here we go. One question is, if I go and plan to stay three months, how much for the rent of a decent room. How much do you guys pay for Internet and how slow/fast is it? Is latrine the only option in San Juan del Sur or they have a sewerage system in every house; or every house has a septic tank? If I rent a room will I be able to cook my own food or do I get food also 🙂 included in the room’s rent price?
    Have fun!

    • Hi Yugnauj,

      The price of a room rental will be determined by the amenities it offers. In a very basic “Nica” rental you may be able to rent a room for as little as $100 USD per month.

      There are also some decent studio apartments with kitchen in the centre of town that rent out for around $400 USD per month. See: Trimar Apartments San Juan del Sur.

      Hostel Elizabeth is another budget friendly option.

      We currently pay $60 USD per month for internet and get speeds of 1 Mbs. All places we have rented in town have had Internet included in the monthly rental rate. Rates vary depending on what technology you are using i.e. Claro internet vs. point to point microwave system.

      Every house we have rented has had a flushing toilet. However, many locals living outside of San Juan del Sur only have outhouses.

      If you choose a home stay (which are commonly offered through Spanish schools) you can get meals included in your rent.


      • Wow Elisha! You guys really know San Juan, I would say even better than a local. I am glad to know that you survived Semana Santa!!!

        Thank you so much for the info – it will really help us take a decision. Will take you both to Tonas and vigoron if we get there!


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