A Long Term Rental in Las Delicias: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We’ve always been lucky when it comes to finding nice affordable long term rentals, but this particular time we really lucked out! 

A Long Term Rental in Las Delicias: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

– A Long Term Rental in Las Delicias: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Our new rental home is a two bedroom, two bathroom bungalow that sits on a half acre of land. The property is located just five minutes south of San Juan del Sur in the neighbourhood of Las Delicias.

Our living area is large and airy. With windows at the front and back of the house we get a really nice cross breeze, which is very important, when living in a hot and tropical climate like San Juan del Sur.

A Long Term Rental in Las Delicias: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

– Living Room

A Long Term Rental in Las Delicias: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

– Open concept living

Our kitchen is fairly well equipped with standard size refrigerator, a four burner gas stove with oven and a microwave. The toaster, blender and espresso machine belong to us. It’s actually rare to find long term rentals that are equipped with these small appliances — at least in the $300 – $600 USD per month price range.

The master bedroom is quite large and comes furnished with a king sized bed with pillow top mattress, ensuite bath and two large wardrobes. It also has air conditioning, but due to the high cost of electricity in Nicaragua we use it sparingly in the months of April and May only.

Our guest bedroom is also a good size. It’s equipped with a queen sized bed, air conditioning and a large closet. The guest bathroom is right next door. 

- Guest Bathroom

– Guest Bathroom

This home happens to be our 10th rental in Nicaragua.  When talking overall comfort and bang for your buck this house definitely comes out on top!

Our rent is just $350 USD per month. Extra monthly expenses include $30 USD for internet and an average of $65 USD per month for electricity and $12 USD per month for water. 

Why so low you ask? 

Well, we are actually sharing the property with our good friends Bastin and Debbie from Together Tours.

Adjacent to our house sits a cute little studio apartment — this is where Debbie and Bastin live. The rental rate and expenses quoted above represent our share of the total.

Also living onsite is our cuidador (care taker) Blush and his two dogs Chocolate and Tana. Blush takes care of watering the garden and keeping on eye on the place when we’re not around. Blush’s salary is paid by the home owner.

It’s been just over a month since we moved in and so far this arrangement is working out incredibly well. We’re super happy to be saving money and we’re stoked to have our friends right next door!

Are you moving to San Juan del Sur and looking for a long term rental? We offer Home Finder & Relocation services and would love to help you find your perfect rental home!

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  1. I love your place! I wish I could be living your life 🙂

  2. Wow – your place is amazing – what a find! Love the open airy look! Take care & have fun!

  3. I love reading your post. This post really inspired me even more to move forward with dream to live in San Juan del Sur. I have total faith that I am being led there. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to meet you both.

  4. Excellent!! That would be my dream home in Nicaragua.

  5. Super nice. Is it available for 3-4 months?

    • Hi Yanick,

      This is our house, which we are presently living in. So to answer your question — no, it’s not currently available to rent for 3 – 4 months.


  6. Wow… I love it! I’m a single lady and have $1,400/mo Soc Sec. Do you think I could live comfortably on that amount?

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