What I Ate Today: Chilli Chicken Khada Masala

Cooking at Home in Nicaragua

– Chilli Chicken Khada Masala with white rice, mango salad & garlic naan bread: Elisha & Gordon’s Kitchen, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

One of things we miss about Canada is the variety of options we had for dining out – Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Moroccan, Ethiopian — you name, we could get it.

We’ve recently adopted a culinary tradition that we call “Curry Sunday” — instead of going out for Indian food, we now make it at home, in the company of good friends.

This particular Sunday we prepared a classic chill chicken dish, which we served with white rice, mango salad and  garlic naan bread. All made from scratch in our very own kitchen. This combo left nothing to be desired!

Note:  If you’re moving to Nicaragua and want to create culinary tradition of your own plan to bring the necessary “speciality” spices with you when you come as they can be next to impossible to find here.

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  1. Hey guys..
    Good point..
    I’ll bring you cumin . Coriander seed . Etc….
    That’s a cool tradition..
    We’re cooking a lot and that’s the fist thing i want to bring…

    • Hi Yanick,

      Thanks for the offer to bring spices, but I’m actually going back to Canada to visit family later this month so I’ll be able to stock up on anything we’re low on at that time.

      As an FYI cumin is readily available here. It’s stuff like cardamom seeds, garam masala and coriander seed (as you mentioned) that are not.

      Other spices that we are able to get here include red chili flakes, peppercorns, turmeric, paprika, ginger, cinnamon.

      We grow basil, oregano and rosemary so we can use fresh, but they can also be purchased in the dried form.


  2. Yum!! Looks so good, can’t wait to try this 🙂

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