5 Simple Tips on How Not to be a Victim of Crime in Nicaragua

How Not to Be a Victim of Crime in Nicaragua
Despite the fact that Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Central America — lower in fact than the United States — as a “wealthy” foreigner you may be considered a potential target by thieves.

Below are a few simple tips that will help you stay safe while vacationing, traveling and living in Nicaragua.



It only takes a few seconds for an unsuspecting thief to make his move. 

Never leave your bag on the beach unattended while you’re swimming or searching for seashells.

Never leave valuables unattended in your vehicle — even if it’s just a few minutes.

Hanging your backpack or purse on the back of your chair is never a good idea.

When carrying your camera keep the strap wrapped securely around your neck or tightly around your wrist, especially if you’re in an area where it’s busy and there are crowds of people.

As a precautionary measure we strongly suggest installing anti-theft software on all your electronic devices. Prey Anti-Theft is one we use. This FREE app allows you to remotely locate, lock, wipe and recover your tablet, laptop or cell phone if they go missing. Prey is great app to have on your devices — even at home.


Only carry as much cash as you need.  And always make sure it’s in a front pocket (not a back one) that zippers or buttons.

Don’t plan a trip to the ATM right before you’re heading to the beach, going on a sight seeing tour of the town or just before you’re venturing out for an evening of fun.

Food, drinks and activities are very inexpensive in Nicaragua — it is just not necessary (or smart) to be carrying a few hundred dollars around with you at any given point in time.


Always make sure the doors of your hotel room, vacation rental or home are locked — not just when you leave — but when you’re taking a nap, having a shower and especially when you go to bed for the night.
 Don’t forget to shut and lock your windows also.

When one is provided always store your valuables and any extra cash you may have in the safe.


If you’re planning on being out late at night it’s a good idea to leave your iPhone at home.

Don’t walk home alone  — especially if it’s late — and you’ve had a few too many cervezas.

Avoid the beach in the late evening hours and stay away from drugs and “chicas”. If you’re trying to buy either the outcome is probably not going to be what you were hoping for.


Pay attention — not only to those around you — but also to the possible situations that could leave you vulnerable, especially if you find yourself in an area after dark where there aren’t many other people around.

Although these tips may seem like common sense we hear time and time again about people becoming victims to petty theft in situations that could have easily been prevented.

By acting responsible and following these tips your trip to Nicaragua will most likely be a very safe one.

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being a victim to crime you should report it to the local police department by visiting the nearest station or dialing 118.

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  1. great post and info

  2. Michael Reason

    Excellent advice! Always worth having reminders about these things.

  3. These are helpful tips wherever you travel — and even at home. You don’t need to be paranoid, but you do need to be aware. Thanks for the great reminders!

  4. Hi,

    Nice advice. But those are good in almost all countries of the world. Even where I live (Montréal).

    For the last 4 winters I spent my time in Thailand. It’s quite far.

    I’ve been considering going to Nicaragua.
    My Spanish is functional.

    I plan to pay a visit after this year’s trip.

    Any suggestion on the place I should go, but not the hotels?

    • Hi Alain,

      The colonial city of Granada and beach town of San Juan del Sur are popular places to visit. We loved Matagalpa and the Rio San Juan when we visited there. And lots of people really love Isla de Ometepe. Laguna de Apoyo, Masaya and Leon are also cool places to check out.

      But where you should go really depends on what sort of activities your interested in doing while you’re here.


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