Feliz Año Nuevo from Nicaragua!

Happy New Year from In Nica Now

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  1. Feliz Año Nuevo Elisha and Gordon. Maybe we’ll run into you on the streets of SJDS tonight. Cheers! Becky & Gary

  2. I live in Dallas and thinking of retiring to Nicaragua since it is so close. Would like to know more about life there in terms of safety, cost of living, buying property, and medical care. My take is that it is much less expensive there than Costa Rica and Panama. Is there a fairly large US and European community there now? Thanks for the response.

    • Jim,

      Ralph & Renda Hewitt, we came some 12 years ago and have not looked back. We lived in Waxahachie, TX and looked and looked… did our home work. Moving to San Juan del sur, Nicaragua has been the BEST thing we could have done (if only we had known about it years before).

      Please do not just look for a large “Expat” group (there is one)… but get to know the local folks they are what make this country and town a great place to retire.

      Living here and enjoying the lifestyle and beauty of the land with weather of the sub tropics everyday is the life for us. Not for everyone but a MUST experience before you make the big move.

      Feel free to contact me direct nicaralph@gmail.com

      Hope to meet you soon.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your interest in In Nica Now.

      If you take some time to read through our articles you should get a pretty good idea what life is like here in Nicaragua.

      For a better view into our day to day life follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

      If you’re looking for specific information on a particular topic the search box on the top right hand side of the page works very well.

      For detailed cost of living information check out our Cost of Living page.

      Here’s the link to an article we published about safety & crime.
      How Not to Be a Victim of Crime in Nicaragua

      And to answer your question — yes, there is a very large US, European AND Canadian expat community in San Juan del Sur.

      To learn more about what it’s like check out this article:
      “Is San Juan del Sur a Party Town?”

      For one example of health care plans that are available here check out the Vivian Pellas Metropolitano Hospital’s website:


      If you have any other specific questions that you can’t find answers to on the site please feel free to email us at innicanow@gmail.com.

      Kind regards,

  3. Tom and Emily Young

    Happy New Year to you too. My wife (Colombian) and I plan to come to Nica in Spring to look it over as a part time residence. When I retired we lived 4 years on San Andres Isla (Colombia) and 4 years in Santa Marta, Colombia. Then returned to States. It’s getting to violent here, too weird. Would like to meet and greet you guys when we come down, here a few of your opinions. 2015 visited a month in Costa Rica at a friend’s apt but really did not care for C.R. Colombia was nice, should have stayed there! But have met some Nicas in States and they love their country. Going to check it out.

    • Dear Tom & Emily,

      It’s definitely a good idea to come for a visit and check things out before making a permanent or even semi-permanent move.

      Let us know if we can offer any recommendations for accommodations, activities, etc.

      Elisha & Gordon

  4. Happy New Year Elisha, Gord and Maggie! All the best in 2016.

  5. Kimberly Hanson

    Happy New Year’s from Belize!!!! Have a fantastic 2016!! Miss you.

  6. Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep your blog full of great information! Before coming to Nica this was my go-to source for finding out all the little things I wanted to know before moving down here!

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