Making the Move: 6 More Items to Pack in Your Suitcase

Today’s post is a follow up to a recent article we published titled “Making the Move: 6 Items to Pack in Your Suitcase”.

Here’s a list of 6 more items we recommend packing in your suitcase complete with the reasons why.


Making the Move: 6 More Items to Pack In Your Suitcase
Although sunscreen is available everywhere here, it’s expensive. Very expensive, in fact! At $13.27 USD for a 236 ml bottle it makes sense save some space in your suitcase for not just one, but a few tubes of sunscreen.

INSULATED REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLESix Items to Pack in Your Suitcase: Hydroflask

Do yourself a favor and bring an insulated water bottle with you. I recently purchased this one made by HydroflaskThey are a little pricey, but worth every penny. I love that I no longer have to drink lukewarm water or deal with condensation dripping from a bottle of water I froze in the freezer. Another added bonus of using a refillable water bottle? You’re helping the environment.  This is one item in Nicaragua I never want to have to live without!


Air Raid by Skull Candy

Rock out at home, on the beach or poolside with a bluetooth portable speaker. We purchased the Air Raid by 
Skullcandy and absolutely love it! In addition to being water resistant and shock proof it also sounds great.



Propane gas stoves are common place in Nicaragua. Sometimes when cooking on gas it’s just not possible to get the flame low enough for a proper simmer. Whether you do a little or a lot of cooking an inexpensive heat diffuser is certainly handy item to have here.



Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.02.33 AM

Plastic bags are used everywhere in Nicaragua and sadly litter the streets, ditches and beaches in many areas. I much prefer packing my groceries in larger canvas or cloth shopping bags. One — because I can put way more in them — and two — because they also easier to carry, especially if I’m walking to and from the market or grocery store. This is a light weight item that doesn’t take up any room in a suitcase and therefore, in my opinion, a good thing to bring with you. 


OVEN THERMOMETERSix More Items to Pack in Your Suitcase: Oven Thermometer

Most oven knobs here have the numbers 1 through 5 marked on them, rather than temperature. This makes using the oven a bit more challenging, especially when it comes to baking. Although I don’t use the oven here nearly as often as I did in Canada, I’m glad I packed an oven thermometer.

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