5 Items I Carry in My Purse in Nicaragua

Besides the obvious items like a cell phone and a driver’s license there are a few other essentials I carry in my purse here in Nicaragua. 


5 Items I Carry in Purse in Nicaragua



Cash: 5 Items I Carry in My Purse in NicaraguaIn Canada I rarely carried cash in my wallet; credit or debit was the best way to go. But here in Nicaragua cash is king. Most restaurants, bars and shops DO NOT accept credit cards so it’s important to make sure you always have cash with you. Although American dollars are widely accepted here I prefer to use our local currency the córdoba.

Extra Tip: Never carry more cash than you need and only carry one credit card (not multiples).


Toilet Paper: 5 Items I Carry in My Purse in NicaraguaIt’s not uncommon for public restrooms in Nicaragua to be without toilet paper, especially in places like little beach bars and gas stations. I always make sure I have some toilet paper or tissue in my bag just in case.

Extra Tip: On occasion you may also find yourself in a washroom that doesn’t have soap or towels to dry your hands. It definitely doesn’t hurt to carry some hand sanitizer or baby wipes in your bag.


Hydroflask: 5 Items I Carry in My Purse in Nicaragua#3 INSULATED WATER BOTTLE

It’s hot in Nicaragua. I’m constantly sweating and always thirsty for water. My Hydroflask water bottle is the one thing I never leave home without. I honestly don’t know how I survived my first three years in Nicaragua without one. Oh, wait…yes I do. I dealt with condensation from frozen water bottles dripping all over my stuff.  And that…was “no bueno”!

Extra Tip: I originally purchased the 21 oz size Hydroflask, but found it to be too small. Although a bit heavy when full the 32 oz sized bottle suits me much better.



Camera: 5 Items I Carry in My Purse in NicaraguaWith so many great photo opportunities around every corner in Nicaragua my camera is another item I always carry in my bag. In February I traded in my big clunky Pentax SLR for the Sony Alpha a6000. Although I’m still working on figuring out all it’s bells and whistles this camera has delivered some great shots!

Extra Tip: A soft cloth drawstring bag like the iconic Crown Royal comes in makes a great “in purse” camera case. 



Canadian Passport: 5 Items I Carry in My Purse in NicaraguaWhen in town running errands or meeting up with friends I don’t carry my passport with me. On the other hand when I’m leaving town I ALWAYS take it. 

Roadside passport check stops do happen. One thing government officials will be looking for when they pull you over is to see that you haven’t over-stayed your 90 day tourist visa.

If you get stopped and don’t have your passport with you it’s likely you’ll be detained until someone can bring it to you.

Extra Tip: A photocopy of your passport is not acceptable. You must be carrying the original.

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  1. Edgar Midencey

    Should at least mention a cell phone. It’s not only essential in case of emergency, but most useful for maps, GPS & it most all have cámaras.

    • Hi Edgar,

      The reason cell phone is not on my list as 1 of 5 is because I was trying not to mention the obvious, rather items that people may not think are important or necessary to carry.


  2. Enjoy reading your page. We will be visiting Nicaragua in February can’t wait. Keep your articles coming.

    Ontario, Canada

  3. Great list! I appreciate it’s practicality. I also appreciate the time and energy you put into your articles and web page. I am just enamored with Nicaragua. It is great to have your perspective. I learn something new every time I read an article. In a word WONDERFUL! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Mylon.

      We love being able to share practical insider’s information. When we were researching over move over 5 years ago there were very little resources available and we kind of felt like we were flying blind.


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