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A Call for Help: Tropical Storm Nate Relief

A Call for Help: Tropical Storm Nate Relief Mission

~ Tropical Storm Nate Relief Mission in the community of Tortuga 1 hour South of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

As Tropical Storm Nate made it’s appearance in San Juan del Sur on October 5, 2017 the rural community of Tortuga was not prepared for what was to come.

A nearby river – one that has never been a concern or danger – began to rise. And at approximately 3 am 61 families were forced to flee their homes.

All but one managed to escape.

Tragically a young woman was swept away in the rushing waters leaving behind her husband and her 7 year old son.

A Call for Help: Tropical Storm Nate Relief Mission

~ $93 USD covered the cost of a new bed and foam mattress for 7 year old Gredy whose Mom was swept away in the river. 

Tortuga is just one of many communities near us that has been devastated by Tropical Storm Nate. 

Currently thousands are without access to clean drinking water. Countless have been left with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Many areas are still without power.

With so many in need – the task to provide necessities and eventually rebuild – is overwhelming. We know we can’t help everyone. For now we will focus our relief efforts on the tiny – nearly forgotten – village of Tortuga.


On Sunday – with an assembly of others – we took part in our first relief mission.

An hour’s drive South of San Juan del Sur and a 1 kilometer walk – crossing the river several times – took us to our drop off point in the community of Tortuga.

Our group distributed drinking water, food, clothing, baby supplies and medicines.

What we saw as we walked through the village was heartbreaking.

Community wells are contaminated and need to be restored. Personal effects have been lost and need to be replaced. Homes have been destroyed and need to be rebuilt.


It’s going to take some time and resources to rebuild this community. We can’t do it on our own and hope you can help!

Any donation – whether it’s a little or a lot – will make a difference.

100% of the funds donated will be used to buy the following:

  • Additional food & baby supplies
  • Water filters
  • Foam mattresses & sleeping cots
  • Household items
  • Home building supplies

We will also use some of the funds to cover costs associated with well cleaning and restoration.

On behalf of the effected families of Tortuga thank you in advance for your support. We sincerely appreciate your help with rebuilding this community!

Tropical Storm Nate Has Come and Gone

Tropical Storm Nate

~ Tropical Storm Nate Aftermath: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Tropical Storm Nate wreaked havoc on the bay of San Juan del Sur and surrounding areas as it passed through on October 5, 2017.

Luckily we remained safe and dry in our home. Our only inconvenience was that we were without electricity for a couple of days. This is not the case for so many others.

San Juan del Sur got hit hard. 

Of the hundred or boats that are normally moored in the bay only a couple remain.

Tropical Storm Nate

~ Tropical Storm Nate Aftermath: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Several crashed into the shore and now have extensive damage. Others are completely destroyed. Some sank. We’ve heard a few lucky ones escaped out into the ocean waters before the worst of the storm hit.

Tropical Storm Nate

Most every beach restaurant has suffered serious damage. Nearly all lost their front decks. For some the blow is even worse.

Tropical Storm Nate

Many individuals living in low lying areas lost their homes and everything they own. Lives were also lost.

Our hearts go out to everyone effected.

Now that the rains have stopped and the sky has cleared we are looking at ways we can help those in need. We will work together with friends and neighbors to help rebuild our community and those surrounding it.


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