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Restaurant Review: Flavors of Peru in SJDS at Nazca Picchu

Nazca Picchu

– Restaurant Nazca Picchu: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Although we love typical Nicaraguan dishes like ceviche and Jalapeño chicken living in San Juan del Sur often leaves us craving other international flavours. I have to say…when Gordon and I learned about a new Peruvian restaurant that had opened up in town… we got a little excited! 

Positioned between two local laundry shops, with seating for nine, Nazca Picchu is a quaint little eatery.

Upon arrival owner Alfredo Nuñez greeted us with a warm welcome and friendly smile. Since neither Gordon or I have ever tried Peruvian food we really appreciated the time he spent with us to explain the menu and offer some personal recommendations.


With so many great dishes to choose from, including plenty of interesting vegetarian options, we had a hard time deciding what to order. In the end we chose two dishes to share – Passion Fruit Ceviche and Causa Limeña with chicken.

Passionfruit Ceviche & Causa Limeña

– Passion Fruit Ceviche: Nazca Picchu, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua ($7 USD)

Lime is more commonly used in ceviche here in Nicaragua, but the substitution of passion fruit in this particular dish really allowed the subtle flavours of the shrimp and fish to shine through. Sweet potatoes which are rarely seen in Nicaragua, were a nice treat and welcome addition. Our chosen side of soft warm garlic bread was the perfect accompaniment.

Causa Limeña: Nazca Picchu, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

– Causa Limeña: Nazca Picchu, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua  ($7 USD)

The Causa Limeña was beautifully layered with mashed potatoes, avocado and shredded chicken.  It reminded us of a potato salad, but with much more pizzaz and flavor.

The two dishes complimented each other very well. We finished our meal feeling pleasantly full and satisfied, but not stuffed.


Nazca Picchu isn’t the fanciest place in town, nor does it have the best view but we personally loved the food and the setting. With menu items ranging in price from $5 – $9 USD lunch or dinner at Nazca Picchu doesn’t break the bank.

It was clear to see that the owner Alfredo is passionate about his food and his new endeavour. The dishes we ordered were a reflection of such. Kudos also to chef Erick Martini on a job well done!


If you’re in San Juan del Sur and looking to try something a little different from the typical Nicaraguan fare Nazca Picchu is definitely worth a visit.



Nazca Picchu
(505) 8474-7538

75 meters south of Hotel Colonial
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Open 7 days a week
11 am – 9:30 pm

Prices range from $5 – $9 USD

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Gordon and I did not receive compensation in exchange for this review.

Produce Shopping & Price Comparison in San Juan del Sur

Shopping Local: SJDS, Nicaragua
Some items like vehicles, electronics and imported food products cost more to purchase in Nicaragua than they do in Canada and the USA, while others cost much less.

It’s been awhile since I’ve grocery shopped in Canada, but if my memory serves me correctly, the last time I bought a pineapple there it alone cost me $4.99 CAD.

That being said $6.75 USD for 2 carrots, 1 head of broccoli, 1 pineapple, 3 tomatoes, 2.5 pounds of potatoes, 2 green peppers, 2 white onions, 1 avocado, 3 red onions and 6 bananas seems like a pretty sweet deal to me!

How much would it cost to purchase this beautiful bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables where you live?

A bit more? A lot more? Less???

Leave your reply in the comments section below…and don’t forget to indicate where you’re currently living!


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