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In Nica Now is offering Real Estate Services!

Real Eatate Services: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

~ Sky House: Brisas del Pacifico, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We are excited to announce that In Nica Now is now offering real estate services. Gordon has joined the Century 21 – Nica Life Realty team and is ready to help you find your dream property! 

We have been helping families relocate to Nicaragua for years. We see real estate as a natural extension of our already popular services.

Nicaragua is becoming more and more popular as a vacation and retirement destination. New developments are underway all around San Juan del Sur. Our infrastructure has seen incredible gains in the last few years. New paved roads, new power sub-stations, new power poles and lines within San Juan del Sur, new potable water line from the lake, 4G cell service and even fiber optic internet. This is a great time to invest!


Our vision at In Nica Now is to be the best resource and host for our readers travelling and moving to Nicaragua. We will show you a realistic vision of Nicaragua as a country to invest in. I absolutely love Nicaragua and my view for the future is very positive. At the same time I am not selling the dream of riding a winged unicorn over the rainbow to a pot of gold. Living in Nicaragua is an amazing adventure that I embrace every day, but it is not for everyone.

Nica Life Realty is all about providing VIP customer service to their clients. Their goal – like ours – is to provide the most authentic experience possible. We show a full and clear picture of the real estate market and Nicaragua as a country to invest in. It is a bonus and win for everyone if your experience leads to finding the property that completes your vision.


We don’t have hundreds of online listings for customers to dig through. We find these are usually outdated and don’t tell the whole story.

The goal is to get to know our customers well enough that we can go and hunt for the perfect opportunities to meet all your desires. Think of us more like treasure hunters rather than just listing agents.


If you have a vision … are financially prepared … and ready to find your perfect property … let’s start a conversation!

Contact us now by taking a few moments to complete our online form.


Own a property in San Juan del Sur that you’d like to list with us? We’d love to hear from you also! Use this form to provide us with the details of your property.

We Bought Land in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!

buying land san juan del sur

– Champagne Toast: Barrio Frente Sur, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – February 10, 2017

Gordon stands on a lot at the edge of town. He surveys the view of town and the bay of San Juan del Sur. A cool breeze comes off the surrounding hills. The plot of land isn’t large, but plenty big enough to build the oasis him and Elisha have talked about.

This is a no brainer. The location is good. The view is good. The price is right. And the investment potential? Amazing! Done deal. Let’s go to the lawyer’s office.

Elisha stands next to Gordon. Off in the distance she hears roosters crowing. A dog barks loudly in protest to the intrusion. The barrio is a little rough around the edges; far from picturesque. The view of town and the bay is partially blocked by a tree in the neighbor’s yard.

I don’t know. Am I ready to live with the noise and hustle in-town living brings? Do I really want to start from scratch and go through the process of building a home in a third world country? I need to give this some serious thought!

Gordon was ready. Elisha gave it some serious thought. And on February 10, 2017 (with good friends and champagne) they toasted to buying land in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!

…to be continued…


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