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A Better Life for Half the Price

Considering a move to Nicaragua? Interested in a life abroad? We highly recommend A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel. 

Gordon was just one of 50+ expats who were interviewed for this 300 page e-book that tells you how to prosper on less money in some of the cheapest places in the world to live.

A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel

– A robust guide & great resource that retails for just $22.95 USD

A Better Life for Half the Price covers 18 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America (including Nicaragua). Each chapter begins with a list of the most popular cities and towns in the subject country. Information is broken down into sections outlining the current costs of housing, health care, food and drink, transportation, entertainment and more.

Download your copy today and be one step closer to making your dream of living abroad a reality by clicking here!

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